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This page shows the dates of our next available courses.

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Our basic pet obedience course is for dogs over 12 weeks of age, no maximum age limit.



July 2017 Course

Workshop: Saturday 1st July 0930 - 1330

Week 1: Monday 3rd July 1900 - 2100

Week 2: Monday 10th July 1900 - 2100

Week 3: Monday 17th July 1900 - 2100

Week 4: Monday 24th July 1900 – 2100

** July course is now fully booked - bookings being taken for our August course, see dates below **


August 2017 Course

Workshop: Saturday 5th August 0930 - 1330

Week 1: Tuesday 8th August 1900 - 2100

Week 2: Tuesday 15th August 1900 - 2100

Week 3: Tuesday 22nd August 1900 - 2100

Week 4: Tuesday 29th August 1900 – 2100

** Only 2 places left on this course **


September 2017 Course

Workshop: Saturday 16/9/17 0930 - 1330

Week 1: Monday 18/9/17 1900 - 2100

Week 2: Saturday 23/9/17 0930 - 1130

Week 3: Saturday 30/9/17 0930 - 1130

Week 4: Saturday 7/10/17 0930 - 1130



Fancy doing something different with your dog??

See below for some alternative fun courses:


If you would like further details please e-mail or






Kennel Club Bronze & Silver Good Citizen Training


Dates to be confirmed.................. 


This training course will provide you with the training of each exercise to aim for the standard required to achieve the award.

An examiner will be brought in for the final week where you will be tested against the Kennel Club standard.

Upon achieving a pass in all 10 areas you will be awarded the relevant award. This course will be of interest to owners who want to learn something new, and achieve the Kennel Club award at Bronze or Silver level.

You will need a certain level of training - all training will be given but those wanting to attend the Bronze training should be able to walk with the dog on a loose lead, get and generally keep the dogs attention. Basic general obedience behaviours such as sit, down, stand, wait/stay and at least a short off lead recall are also required.

To attend for the Silver level a pass at Bronze must have been achieved previously, evidence of this may be required.


For further details e-mail:

Or call Bev on: 07742 950980



Dog Nose Best scentwork training


More dates coming soon..........


Do you want to mentally tire your dog so you get a settle?

Would you like to learn some fun training you and your dog can do in the dark winter evenings?

This course will suit anybody who is looking to do something a little different and fun with their dog.

Session 1: Giving you the basics of teaching your dog to use their

nose to search for a specific scent

Session 2: Taking the basic training to the next level and

introducing more difficult searches


For further details e-mail:

Or call Bev on: 07742 950980

Alternatively you may download the information sheet &

booking form from the following link:!album-2




John Rogerson Breed Specific Play Weekend

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July 2017


Recognising the importance of play to mentally and physically stimulate our dogs and build that all important bond between owner and dog. Understanding dog behaviour can develop even more successful play, and will assist us in recognising what is appropriate play between dogs.


John Rogerson, is a world renowned dog trainer and behaviourist and will help you achieve the Ultimate goal to play with your dog in a friendly kind and more importantly fun way. This is a fun and practical weekend for handlers and dogs to get involved.


Due to the description of the course we are after lots of different breeds so we will have to put a maximum 2 of any one breed rule and this will be booked on a first come basis, so handlers should book early to avoid disappointment.


For further details e-mail:

Or call Bev on: 07742 950980

Alternatively you may download the information sheet &

booking form from either of the following links:!album-2

** Only 2 handler places left on this course **



Tracking and Search Weekend with Allyson Tohme

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th August 2017


Want to extend your dog’s repertoire of activities? Do you have a dog that has to be kept on a long line? Would you like to be able to get your dog to find lost items or people?

Allyson will show you how to harness the power of your dog’s nose for

No previous experience is necessary and delegates will be shown how to progress at home and information on how to go further if wanted.


Allyson has extensive experience in various disciplines having qualified dogs at top level in both Working Trials and IPO as well as the Working Gundog Certificate and passing the Bloodtracking Aptitude Test.


This course is suitable for Pet owners who just want to do something different with their dogs, Instructors who want to learn new training techniques to take away and incorparate in their training groups, students and trainers just starting out in the world of dog training and anybody who just has an interest in dogs and behaviour.

You don't need any prior experience - all training will be given


For further details e-mail:

Or call Bev on: 07742 950980

Alternatively you may download the information sheet &

booking form from either of the following links:!album-2

** Only four handler places left on this course -

don't miss out book your place now **


How to book onto a course


1. Request an enquiry email to be sent to you by emailing or

(postal enquiries can be arranged but this takes longer and

courses book up very quickly)

If you don’t have e-mail or have any queries about booking

you may call us on the numbers displayed on our contact page

2. Read the email and the attachments –

check you are free to do the dates of the course

3. Fill in the registration form

4. Return the registration form with the full payment

to the address on the email stating which course you want

to be booked onto

Bank transfers and email registration forms can be

accepted, email to arrange

5. Check your emails for a confirmation from Bev and your

place is then booked

We do not accept part payments (unless it is specified on the particular course details you are booking onto), payments on the first day of the course or reserve a place for anybody, it’s a 1st come basis so book quickly to avoid disappointment

If the course is full when we receive you registration form and payment we will contact you and either return both back to you or if you can do the next course and want to book onto that we can arrange




Would you like to buy one of our courses for family or friends?











We can provide gift vouchers showing details of the course


Please note: none of our courses are suitable for dogs showing aggression.

If you do have a problem with aggression we advise that you seek one to one behaviour advice from a behaviour counsellor.


One-to-one/individual training is also available,

please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Thinking of getting a puppy?

Give your new puppy the very best start in life.

If you are thinking of getting a puppy and would like some pre-ownership advice covering selection of your puppy, how to prepare for your puppy's arrival and initial socialisation/training advice then we are happy to carry out a one-to-one session.

Please contact us for details & to book.

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